The Martingale Betting System In Roulette
It doesn’t get much more iconic than Roulette. The spinning, pocketed wheel visually represents the concept of gambling perfectly, while the betting system itself is easy to understand. Add to this the lighting fast rounds, and you have the ultimate game of chance. But knowing how to play Roulette and winning at it consistently are very different things. Smart gamblers know that a betting strategy is essential.

Which isn’t to say that brave bets aren’t still fun, but for those that want to win more often a strategy is smart. But aren’t betting strategies complicated and boring? Not necessarily. The Martingale system, for example, can be learned in moments and will give good results.

Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding The Basics

While there are strategies that are dramatically more complicated, the Martingale is beautifully simple. You need only choose red or black, and stick with it for the duration of the session. Let’s say red.

A bet must be placed, and for the sake of this explanation let’s say the currency unit is 5. If 5 wins, an additional 5 is won, given the payout of 1/2. 5 can then again be placed on red. Well done, 5 has been added to the winning pile.

But what if the bet loses? The 5 must be replaced with 10. This means that the original bet is replaced, plus an additional 5 to cover the loss. If the bet wins 10 is added to the winning pile, and another bet of 5 is put on red. Losses have been covered, and a profit won.

Long Term Repetition

But what if the second bet of 10 lost? Those catching on will know that a bet of 20 should then be placed. If it wins the cycle will go back to placing another initial bet of 5. Though, of course, this system will work with any starting unit amount. The important aspect is doubling the amount on ever loss, and reducing back to the starting amount on a win.

The cycle can be repeated indefinitely, and will keep producing wins for an amount of time. It is only when the bet size surpasses the table limit that it all breaks down. But until that happens wins can be raked in hand over fist.

The Obvious Drawbacks

Many are shocked to learn just how well Martingale works. Or at least how long it works before finally reaching the end of the winning streak. But, as with all gambling games, the system is fundamentally flawed.

First and foremost, this is a very time consuming way to get relatively small profits. Sure, winning is very consistent, but the same bet on a riskier prospect could payout far more in an instant. It is always just a matter of risk versus reward. Except when you claim a no deposit bonus casino ZAR offer – then it’s all reward!

As already said, the table limit will quickly put an end to the growing betting amounts. So anyone attempting the Martingale should understand that, although some payouts can be grabbed, there is a definite end to the winning action.
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