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If you have not recently been playing so many online casinos certainly wondering what the so-called online sticky bonus that can be found on many online casinos have. The answer is that the online casino sticky bonuses were necessary because many online casinos noticed that many players wore the usual casino bonuses in the wrong way, which produced heavy losses for the casino. That is why they decided to develop the so-called online sticky bonus offers, the terms of which differ from the usual casino bonuses in such a way that an increase in money the casino is more difficult in the case of online casino sticky bonuses.

In other words, you will notice whether it is a sticky bonus or not reading the terms of the bonus offer. Sticky Casino Bonus terms and conditions can therefore often require that you need to play the bonus amount egg. 20 times before you can withdraw the bonus is nothing. Regular bonus same requirement is usually only 4 times.
Of course I can. Many sticky bonuses are very good and attractive, and that is why they could be abused. We are therefore in no way exhort you not to use sticky bonuses, we encourage you only always read the sticky bonus terms and conditions very carefully if you use them.

Loyal customers are valued in most companies, and this is also the online casinos. That's why online casinos usually offer for players who are playing in the casino often special online customer loyalty bonus offers. They are different from ordinary online casino bonuses, that anyone can get in such a way that they are larger, and thus that they have better conditions when the normal bonuses. If you play the same online casinos often and you use casino bonuses, we recommend, therefore, indeed, that you check whether the online casino customer loyalty bonuses available right here in the casino.

Online casino customer loyalty bonuses are in fact very common in online casinos today because every online casino wants that players would return to just their casino and playing other online casinos. Good online customer loyalty bonus is a good way to make sure it is this and that is why you can now get them in nearly every online casino.

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