Five Useful Tips and Pointers For Online Video Poker Players
Five Ways To Improve Your Chances In Online Video Poker

1. Find The Best OnlineCasino & Video Poker Game

It might sound obvious but there are, after all, a growing variety of online casinos, as well as video poker games,available these days. With differing themes and layouts, some variants also often have slightly differing rules, features, winning hands, and payouts, etc.

So, it is well worth taking some time to do a bit of research, browse around, and look for the best online casino, with the best games, service, and payouts. Try reading reviews from a variety of different sites and sources. Once that’s done, delve into any particular rulesor special features your choice of game may have.

Try and ensure that you are always familiar with the paytable and payouts that your game offers.Also make sure that your online casino is properly certified, has decent service, and timely payout via the most common and trusted online payment methods.

2. Understand RTP & House Edge

With every video poker game, there is an RTP, Return ToPlayer, percentage for each winning hand, which can usually be found in the paytable. It is there to provide players with a better indication of the how much they can expect to win over time with each hand.

It is also directly relative to the “house edge”, which is the resulting loss factor over time, built into every casino game. Having a firm understanding of RTP and house edge will greatly impact your decisions and choices in the long run, and be of great benefit in preventing loss, resulting in more wins.

3. Utilise TheVideo Poker Support Aids

Nowadays, there are a number ofsupport aids for video poker players, readily found and available online with aquick search. Video poker strategy charts are highlyuseful, and provide a breakdown of optimal strategy for virtually every move and play.

Alternatively, online video poker hand calculators make it even easier, saving you the trouble of using a chart, and supplying you with the optimal play based on your input. Video poker trainer apps can also be an effective educational tool and are widely available to download.

4. Practice Before Betting Real Money

Aside from trainer apps, another great way to get some practice in, and try out different methods and strategies without risking your money, is to play the free games or to use a Lucky Creek Casino bonus code. Most online casinos offer free-to-play versions of the popular video poker games, making them ideal practice tools.

5. Exercise Good Bankroll Management

One of the most obvious, though often overlooked, ways to ensure you have better chances in online video poker, and in all gambling, is simply by practicing and maintaining good bankroll management.Always try to:

• Allocate a fixed initial amount asyour bankroll.
• Pace the frequency of bets and games.
• Keep to a strict loss limit and learn to cut your losses.
• Never gamble with borrowed funds.

Also try to avoidplaying at times when your best judgment may be impaired, e.g., while heavily intoxicated, or tired from lack of sleep.

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