Cambodia Casino Strike Stable
A rare victory of labour witnessed NagaWorld workers getting a pay rise of 18-30%. Thousands of striking Cambodian workers of the Hong Kong Company returned to work on Saturday. This was after they emerged victorious during the labour war. They won a wage increase with 3,000 workers being part of the strike. The workers were doing their picketing and chants in front of the NagaWorld Hotel and casino complex that is owned by Nagacorp Ltd demanding high wages.

Workers’ Demands Better Working Conditions

The workers’ and their employees struck a deal with NagaWorld to raise the workers’ salaries by between 18% and 30%.

These kind of strikes have become a norm in Cambodia. But in most cases, workers don’t turn out as the victors. Victory has always been rare for these workers.

Nevertheless, Sopheap highlighted that NagaWorld had agreed to raise workers’ salaries and adding to that. They also come to an agreement to better the working conditions of their employers.

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NagaCorp Operational History at Glance

NagaCorp carries an exclusive license to operate in Phnom Penh reported an estimated $1.8 billion in revenues last year from $1.5 billion in 2018. They have done exceptionally during the past years. And this is all through the hard work of their employees.

However, Khiev Savuth, deputy director of the Labour Ministry’s labour dispute department, was not able to give his comment concerning the labour dispute that took place at Cambodia.

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