The most unlikely casino anomalies
Regardless of the game being played, the casino always has the advantage. There are however, times when the casino loses, and loses big. These casino anomalies turn unknown bettors into industry celebrities in a matter of moments.

The odds of one of these anomalies occurring ranges from the millions to the trillions and some of the bettors won big, while others lost big. Take for example, the bettors who bet millions on red on the roulette wheel on August 18th 1913 at the Monte Carlos Casino.

Unfortunately for the bettors, they lost those millions after the roulette wheel landed on black 26 times in a row. The odds of this happening are 1 in 66.6 million and mean that winning the UK lottery and being killed by lightning are both more likely to happen.

Without a doubt though, the most impressive feat to feature on the infographic below is that of Patricia Demauro, who somehow managed to roll the dice 154 times consecutively without “sevening out” in a game of craps.

In 2009, Patricia and her friend, John Capra, paid a visit to the casino in order to test their luck. She started out on the slot machines, while John played poker. Before too long, Patricia had become bored and John was losing at poker, which is when he suggested they try their hand at craps.

When it was Patricia’s turn to be the shooter, a 1 in 1.56 trillion event occurred, as she rolled the dice 154 times in a row without “sevening out”. It is expected that with sensible bets, she could have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, potentially even millions.

Although the chances of this happening are slim, if you visit a casino with the aim of winning, your best bet is to play blackjack, where the house edge is just 1%. If you don’t have a casino near you, there is the opportunity to play blackjack online at the following link-

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