The Most Popular Slot Themes
Slots are the most popular casino and online casino games by far. When considering the great variety available to players, it’s easy to see why. One would think that the most popular slot games would almost exclusively be those offering the largest progressive jackpot payouts, most free games, etc. While these are all very attractive properties to have in a slot game, the actual theme of the slot game or online slot game also plays a big role as far as popularity goes.

Many different themes have been developed, including action slots, adventure slots, Asian themed slots, Egyptian themed slots (these are exceptionally popular), movie themed slots (also highly popular), board game slots, mystery slots, Christmas and Halloween Slots, Marvel Comics slots, various sports slots, penny slots, Vegas slots - the list goes on.

Egyptian Themed Slots

The life and times of the great Pharaohs are fascinating indeed, and Egyptian themed slots are arguably at the top of the list of popular slot themes. Games include great classics like Queen of the Nile, Pharaoh’s Gold, The Mummy and Tomb Raider. This list is by no means exhaustive.

Board Game Themed Slots

Snakes And Ladders is a classic board game that hails from the carefree days of our childhood. The original Snakes and Ladders board game most probably originated in India during the 19th Century, and has grown into a worldwide favourite, enjoyed by children (and adults) across the globe. The game is played on a game board consisting of numerous squares that make up a grid. The images of Snakes And Ladders appear on the game board, connecting the squares on the grid selectively.

The aim is to make your way from one end of the board to the other, being helped by ladders and trying to avoid being hindered by snakes. The number of moves awarded to each player in turn, is determined by the roll of a dice. The dice is rolled by each individual player, before moving.

The pokies online versions of Snakes and Ladders work very much in the same way, and brings back fond memories.

Another highly popular board game that has been developed into a slot game, is Monopoly. This classic favourite makes a star appearance in the digital world of online slots and is a hit among players.

DC Comics Slots

DC Comics slots revolve around the world of the supernaturally fantastic. Superhero culture prevails and these popular slots feature all of the DC Comic’s characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman.

Thor (the god of thunder) is also very popular as far as slot themes go. Thor was, according to mythology, the god of thunder and lightning and theatrical storms. By swinging his hammer he could manipulate the weather and he also possessed god-like strength. He is revered by all – especially the fairer of the sexes. Thor is the star of various popular slot games, and is arguably the most popular comic book character of all time.

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