Ten Things you should Never Do in a London Casino
Casino etiquette can be a dicey thing (starting off strong with a pun), some of the things you should do might not be your first instinct. Tipping the dealer, the correct hand gestures to use when playing open or closed face blackjack, keeping it all straight can be a bit tricky. That’s why, working with Paddy Power Online Casino, we’ve helped put together this list of ten things you absolutely should not do in a London Casino.

1. Eat at the table

Everyone gets hungry and if you’re on a hot streak it might be tempting to stay where you are and eat right there but, trust us, it’s a bad move. Nothing’s going to get you on the casino’s bad side faster than making a mess all over their tables.

2. Relentlessly Flirt with the Croupier

Guys, Ladies, the croupier has most likely had a long day. This applies to all casinos, but in London especially, maybe give it a rest with the flirting if the person dealing your cards looks exhausted and isn’t reciprocating your charming attempts at seduction.

3. Fail to practice proper Hygiene

If you’re going to the casino night after night, it can be tempting to wear the same suit but if you can afford to gamble every night you can afford some dry cleaning and a shower. You’re sure to rub the croupier the wrong way if you smell like you haven’t had a bath in weeks.

4. Start a Fist fight

I… (this is jumping up a notch, isn’t it?), It’s important that you keep cool and no matter what happens during the game. It’s a shame to ruin a nice night by getting arrested after punching someone you thought was cheating you. Which seems like advice for life, really.

5. Sneeze and Spit

This also seems like something that’s just general advice for life, but if you have a cold or something stuck in your throat, don’t sneeze or gob phlegm onto the croupier, the table, the other patrons, pretty much anywhere that isn’t a tissue is out of bounds.

6. Bring in outside food or drink

Since you shouldn’t be eating at the table, this one might feel redundant, but most casinos that serve alcohol do not want you bringing in drinks from outside no matter how much ‘cheaper’ they are. This also applies to bringing in a kebab you bought on the way, they’re unlikely to be thrilled at the prospect.

7. Speak with a forced British Accent

Is this definitely wide-spread enough it needs its own entry? Alright then… when you’re gambling in a London Casino it’s important that, if you aren’t British, you don’t attempt to put on an accent and pretend to be British. Especially don’t pretend to be cockney and mis-use the language.

8. Break down Crying

Oh wow. Uhhh, if you’re moved to tears then you should probably go home and maybe have a think about whether you really want to be gambling right now. If you’re crying for a non-gambling related reason… you should probably still go home, maybe call your mum.

9. Keep complaining how much better things are online

This is pretty fundamental manners again, but maybe don’t harass the croupier by telling him how much better things are online and how you get much better bonuses playing with Paddy Power online casino or anything like that. They don’t want to hear it.

10. Plan an elaborate Ocean’s 11 style heist to rob the Casino blind

This doesn’t seem like it happens often enough that people need to be reminded not to do it. Also, this is probably relevant to every casino, possibly every business. Just don’t steal.

We hope this guide to the 10 things you should never do in a London Casino has proven useful!

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