Live Casinos: The More Accessible Way to Play
Whether you have a brick-and-mortar casino on your doorstep or 20 miles away, the dressing up, ID checks and queuing at the tables is always a time consumer when it comes to playing casino games.

Modern technology has changed all that and no longer do you have to wait any time at all to play your favourite casino games.

With online casinos not only accessible via your PC or laptop, but the breakthrough in mobile technology means that you can enjoy the fun wherever you are. Whether it’s on your lunch break or travelling home from work on the bus, mobile casinos are accessible from anywhere provided you have a WiFi connection.

Online casino games offer much more variety from your real life casino whilst not having the hassle of queuing up.

If you get a thrill from actually being at a table and interacting with the dealer you can now do that from your mobile phone too. Leading bookmaker Paddy Power are a perfect example of this.

Paddy Power’s live casino online offers you a near life-like experience of actually being at a casino. You have a choice of tables to sit at meaning there’s always a seat available for you, and a choice of which dealer you want to play with.

It works just the same way as it does at a brick-and-mortar casino. You choose which game you want to play, say “hi” to the dealer, place your bets, watch them spin the roulette wheel or deal your poker cards, and play the game in the exact same way!

Your winnings are in chips, located just beneath the live stream of your dealer and table, and those chips can be exchanged for money when you exit the live stream.

Whether you’re a beginning or an experienced player with casinos you can be sure to enjoy the mobile casinos all the same.

The Paddy Power live casino offers all your favourite games – Poker, Roulette, Craps and many more! Some other bookmakers also offer the same or similar games.

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