Destination fun: top slot games to play on your commute
Whether you’re stuck on a slow-moving train, squished in like a sardine on the tube, or twiddling your thumbs on the bus, online mobile slots are a great way to stay entertained on your rush-hour commute.

And don’t worry, we know all the best slot games for you to play.

1. Starburst

Without doubt, Starburst is one of the most popular online slots in history. It’s great for playing on the move because there’s a version of the game available as part of the NetEnt Touch series; this is a range of the high-profile gaming company’s top titles, which have all been specifically re-innovated to ensure no quality or speed is lost when you’re playing on your phone, rather than your laptop.

The bright visuals and pumping soundtrack will give you a boost on even the dreariest workday commute. And whilst there’s only one bonus feature to speak of – that’s the Free Spins Bonus –, Starburst proves that sometimes less is more. The simplicity and fast-pace of play make it easy to pick up and have a quick game, even when you’ve only got a few stops left on the tube.

2. Aloha! Cluster Pays

Do you dream of escaping the hordes of fellow commuters on a busy Monday morning? Are you fed up of standing in the rain waiting for your bus? Well, good news; play Aloha! Cluster Pays and you’ll be instantly whisked away to enjoy some fun in the Hawaiian sun.

Just like Starburst, it’s another title in the celebrated NetEnt Touch collection – so you can expect a top-notch gaming experience when you play it on the go. Nevertheless, it’s plays out differently to any other slot machine on the market; that’s because it benefits from a unique ‘Cluster Pays’ mechanic, meaning you win by forming clusters of the same symbols on the reels, rather than matching them up on regular pay-lines. This gives the game more of an arcade-style feel, that’ll keep you entertained all the way to work.

What’s more, Aloha!’s feel-good factor is further by the sweet sounds of a tinkling steel guitar and the presence of a smiley Tiki character beside the reels as you play. It’s so immersive, in fact, you’ll almost feel sand between your toes. . .

3. Magi Wilds

Another choice that’s good for a bit of escapism is Magi Wilds. Inspired by dark magic, this slot takes you to mysterious-looking mangrove forest, to discover if a creepy Witch Doctor can help you conjure some nice wins.

It’s designed by Playtech, the biggest supplier of online gaming software on the planet, so you can trust us when we say it’s visually and technically superb.

It’s also great for playing on your commute because the main ‘Wild Card’ bonus feature tends to pop up a lot. Every time you spot a pack of wild cards on the reels, one card will be turned over to reveal a different in-game extra; so, whilst there’s nothing confusing about this bonus, you’re not going to get bored on your journey because it can play out differently each time. For example, if you reveal a card showing a voodoo doll pierced with pins, you’ll get a free spin as each pin is removed; reveal a card showing a snake, a serpent will slither across the reels to turn regular symbols into lucrative ‘Wild’ symbols.

4. Twin Spin If you’re not left spellbound by the sound of Magi Wilds, don’t worry; we’ve got something to appeal to old-school casino lovers too. With visuals that pay homage to the classic fruit machine (but with all the snazzy extras that make modern games so rewarding), Twin Spin is a re-booted retro slot that’s super fun to spin.

What makes it suited to on-the-go play at rush hour? Firstly, it’s easy jump straight into the action, because it’s such a user-friendly slot. Secondly, the vibrant colours and game speed give it a great energy, so it’s going to put you in a great mood by the time you arrive at the office. And lastly (though perhaps most importantly), it packs in a unique ‘Twin Spin’ feature, where adjacent reels link together to seriously boost your chances of winning. And seriously, who doesn’t love winning?!

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