Betting Systems
The Martingale System

Start low and if you win keep the same bet. If you loose keep doubling your bet and eventually you will win. This is a bad system because it’s possible to loose many consecutive hands simultaneously and after 7-8 hands you are betting a significant amount of money at to win only a few dollars.

D'Alembert System

The same as the Martingale Betting System, however, rather than doubling the bet each time you loose you increase your wager by only 1 unit each time you loose. Therefore, if you start with a $5 bet and loose, increase your bet to 10, 15, 20, etc. If you win you drop back down to the original bet. The problem again with this system is that you never know how many losses you can have successively. Try your luck with some top games at

Parlay Betting System

In contrast with the previous two betting systems this is progressive in that the player bets more when they win not when they loose. Very simple to implement you bet all or part of your winnings plus the original bet after you win. The Parlay betting system can fit in well with other betting systems and doesn't require a lot of money to be productive. This system is good also when card counting tactics are used as it avoids detections of suddenly jumping your bets when the card count is in your favour.

Author's System

This is a betting system for the conservative player who plays French roulette regularly. Using the D'Alembert System as a starting point but adding in additional rules. Start low and if you win keep the same bet. If you loose increase your bet by one unit. It's good to have a stop loss from anywhere between 3-5 units, IE) if you have lost 5 games in a row it's time to leave the table. This way you won't suffer big loses. (discuss balance of probabilities) Also, start with a goal in mind, once you have won a certain amount of money you are finished for the day. For example, when I play I start with $150 (starting with $10). This enough to back up 5 successive loses in the event I have bad luck right at the start (i.e. $10+$20+$30+$40+$50=$150). If I lose this I leave (built in money management to avoid big losses), and if I continue to win I play until I hit a target of $100-$150 then I leave. I leave at this point to avoid hitting a succession of losses bring you back to where you've started. You can increase or decrease the original bet to where you feel comfortable, and therefore, change the money you start with and your take home winnings goal. This system is also useful for playing roulette, playing odd/even numbers and black/red boxes.

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